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Brown cows

Herd Health
At Linwood Veterinary Services, our goal is to help you optimize your herd production. We do this by offering the following services during a regular herd health visit.

  • Pregnancy diagnosis by ultrasound imaging or manual palpation
  • Fresh cow health monitoring
  • Udder health program
  • Vaccination program development
  • Production analysis
  • Calf and heifer rearing programs
  • Nutritional services

24 Hour Emergency Care
We understand that preventative medicine does not stop all animals from becoming sick, and that is why we offer 24 hours 7 days/week emergency service or phone consultation.

Embryo Transfer
Dr. Andrew MacLeod is responsible for embryo transfer for Linwood Veterinary Services and Hwy 89 Veterinary Services. Contact him through the clinic for more details.

Milk Culturing/Mastitis Lab Culturing
Mastitis is a real pain for the cow and the producer, and knowing what type of bacteria is causing it helps to not only treat but prevent future cases of mastitis. We will get the results back to the producer in a timely manner.

Milk Residue Testing
We offer full-service residue testing for single cow or bulk tank samples. Residue testing is available as an after-hours service, as well.

Blood Profiles
We have an in-house blood machine for down cow blood profiles (calcium, phosphorous, creatine kinase), allowing us to get quick results to get your cow up and back to the milk line.

We have access to a full range of blood tests through the Animal Health Lab in Guelph and Idexx Laboratories.


Laboratory Services (In House)

  • Blood profiles
  • Fecal flotation/parasite detection
  • Milk culturing

Feed Ration Analysis/Trouble Shooting
Having trouble with your ration? Our vets work with nutrition specialists to help solve your problems. We also offer ration analysis and troubleshooting as part of our herd health programs.

Fecal Flotation
An informative and cost-effective tool for monitoring parasite loads in cattle, sheep and goats. Done in house with a quick turnaround time and a telephone consultation with your veterinarian.

Timely and efficient: economic processing of cattle tailored to suit your needs. We offer vaccinating, castrating, dehorning, implantation, preventative medications, deworming and pregnancy diagnosis. We can provide a chute with our processor, and weighing is available.

Our registered veterinary technicians dehorn young calves on a regular basis, keeping track of the producers’ calves for pain- and worry-free calf dehorning.

Recognizing our producers’ time is valuable, we provide regular herd vaccination services for one less worry and protected cattle.

Family Cow Program
Need to get your family cow pregnant? We can help with that! All in one package:

  • Synchronization of cycle
  • Timed breeding
  • Pregnancy diagnosis

Canadian Quality Milk Training
We believe one-on-one CQM training allows producers to have a less stressful experience adapting to CQM regulations. All our vets are certified CQM trainers.

Our veterinarians, during regular herd health visits, monitor uterine health, ovarian function and pregnancy status, with the goal of keeping days open down and pregnancy rate and profits up.

Preventative Medicine
We promote practicing preventative medicine in terms of both economics and animal welfare. We consult with our producers to create and monitor individual farm-based preventative plans.

Breeder Checks
To ensure pre-breeding heifers have functioning reproductive tracts, enabling informed management decisions.

Export Certification
CFIA-certified vets allow us to certify cattle for export to multiple countries. This service may include but is not limited to: pregnancy detection, overall health assessment, age verification, and signed export paperwork. Please contact the clinic to book your appointment or for further details.


Farm Delivery Service for Clients, Monday-Friday
Both clinics can fill counter orders for your veterinary needs. It is a good idea to call ahead so we can check stock and prepare your order for pick up. Highway 89 Veterinary Services has a smaller inventory area, so large or special orders can be called in and delivered from the main warehouse in Linwood or sent to the clinic for pick up.

A local delivery service is available to take what you need out to your farm Monday to Friday. For same-day delivery, your order needs to be in by 9:30 AM at the latest. Some addresses are provided with specific delivery days, e.g. Tuesdays, due to distance.

For scheduled herd health visits, we will call ahead to remind you of the visit and ask if you need your vet to bring anything from the pharmacy for you.

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